Universal Orlando Youth Programs

Sound Design: Music and The Art of Foley

A once-in-a-lifetime band trip with a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity!

Have your students experience what it’s like to be a working movie musician with Sound Design: Music and the Art of Foley workshop at Universal Orlando® Resort.

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Designed to reinforce National Standards for Music Education and Common Core State Standards, this clinic is a unique way to enrich your band’s educational experience and foster engagement.

In partnership with Robert W. Smith, widely recognized as a consummate music educator with a focus on curriculum design and instructional delivery. Mr. Smith is one of the most popular composers for bands today with over 600 publications, and his music has been programmed by countless professional, university, and school ensembles throughout the world.

This year, don’t just go on a band trip-go on a musical adventure in learning.

Selection Criteria

Participating groups should have a minimum of 40 performers. Each group should submit a completed application at least six weeks prior to the proposed workshop date. The entire workshop experience will last approximately 90 minutes. Along with the completed applications, groups should provide the following:

  • A non-returnable DVD or link of your group’s most recent performance (approx. 3 minutes in length for each group).

Groups will be provided the sheet music prior to their workshop. Groups wishing to sight read may do so at their director’s discretion. Theme park tickets are required.


Uniforms are not required for Sound Design: Music and The Art of Foley and will be up to the discretion of the group’s director.

Technical Assistance

Pearl/Adams is the official supplier of percussion equipment for the Sound Design: Music and The Art of Foley workshop. Timpani (set of 4), Concert Bass Drum, Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Chimes, Orchestra Bells and Congas are provided upon request.