Universal Orlando Youth Programs

Dance is Universal! A Workshop with the Professionals

In this workshop, choose from one of two paths, each with customizable features led by our very own choreographers and performers. The Master Class focuses on dance fundamentals, specialized one-on-one feedback, and a choreographed combination to one genre of your choice. The Audition Workshop features two genres and tips for polishing headshots, resumes, and a mock audition to prepare dancers for real-world career opportunities.

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Standards Alignment

Our workshop and masterclass align with all four Artistic Processes within the National Core Arts Standards.

  • Create - Refine and complete artistic work.
  • Perform - Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work
  • Respond - Interpret intent and meaning of artistic work
  • Connect - Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.

Selection Criteria

Each group should submit a completed application at least six weeks prior to the proposed workshop date. The entire workshop length varies based on the workshop selected. The Master Class is 2 hours and the Audition workshop is 2.5 hours. Along with the completed applications, groups should provide the following: a link to a video of your group’s most recent performance up to three minutes in length per group.

Group Requirements:

  • Minimum of (20) youth participants required for workshop (additional workshop fee applies) as well as a minimum ticket purchase of at least (40) Park tickets inclusive of chaperones.
  • For groups outside the state of Florida, a 2-Day Park-toPark ticket is required.
  • For groups within Florida, a minimum of a 1-Day Park-toPark ticket is required.


Uniforms are not required for Dance is UNIVERSAL! A Workshop with the Professionals, and will be up to the discretion of the group’s director. Students are required to wear (or bring) appropriate dance attire (i.e. shoes, clothing, etc.). Appropriate footwear may vary based on genre, but shoes must be worn during the workshop. Dancing Barefoot, in socks, or in dance paws is not permitted.

There is an additional fee to participate in the dance workshops. All scheduled workshops are subject to change.

Cancellation Policy:
All confirmed programs must be cancelled at least 30 days in advance by sending an email to STARS@universalorlando.com. Failure to do so could impact your ability to book future programs.